Don't Call It a Comeback...

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Looks like its time to take the awkward lurch into the next phase of 2020, pubs and caravan sites are opening on 4th July and I'll be back to serving hot pizza to visible humans.

Pizza kits have been a great way to keep going during lockdown and hopefully pick up a few new regulars, but I have missed the interaction with customers and making complete pizzas! I don't think I'm finished with pizza kits or deliveries, but I'll be focusing on my regular pitches for a few weeks to make sure I get it right.

I have been experimenting with different ways to package pizza/pizza kits for people to use at home, I think it would be good to retain the extra string to my bow so if there are future disruptions I have something to fall back on.

Lots still left to do, the van and service will look very different from now on, but hopefully the changes are for the best.