Frequently Asked Questions and COVID19

Frequently Asked Questions and COVID19

Q: What are you doing to keep customers safe from COVID19

A: Orders and payment are online and contactless.

All food is produced in our dedicated food preparation kitchen, used exclusively by us. All surfaces are regularly cleaned and disinfected.

The unit is very large (80m2) so it is possible to maintain distancing while working, jobs are completed by one person working at their own workbench.

PPE is always being used, and regularly changed, along with regular hand washing.

Deliveries are performed by one person, wearing PPE and with hand santitiser used between each contact with a door, gate or anything outside the van. The van's contact points are cleaned with disinfectant wipes before starting deliveries.

Q: What is the latest I can order?

A: 12 midday the day before delivery, this gives us chance to get the orders ready and plan the delivery route. Any orders later than this will have to be cancelled or moved to the following week.

Q: What if I am not covered by the delivery route?

A: If you are not covered by the delivery route send me a message to check if I can fit you in, I can often make a 5-10 minute detour. If you are further away I will not be able to include you as the delivery route would take too long.

Q: Can I have my kits delivered at a specific time?

A: It is not possible to deliver at specific times as the delivery routes are quite large and doubling back would take too long. I aim to make all deliveries between 1 and 7pm, if you would prefer a delivery earlier or later then mention it in your order and if I can do it without delaying the whole route I will.

Q: How many people do the kits serve?

A: Each kit makes an approximately 10" pizza, usually enough for kids to share, but most adults manage a whole one.

Q: Whats the difference between the types of Pizza Kits?

A: For the Wood Fired Pizza Kits I will bake your sourdough pizza base, with Italian tomato sauce, in my 500C wood fired oven on the day of delivery. Then all you need to do is add your toppings and heat it up in the oven (5-8 mins at 200C, or until piping hot).

The Stretch and Bake Pizza Kits come with a slow proved sourdough dough ball, flour, sauce and cheese for you to use. You will have the chance to try stretch and shaping the base, adding toppings and baking at home. Instructions are included, but you can do this in a regular domestic oven, using a frying pan and a hot grill or your pizza oven if you have one.

Q: What is the minimum order?

A: £15

Q: What do you charge for delivery?

A: £3 per order